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Fomoex Referral Plan Overview

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FOMOEX has created a one of a kind referral component, that is revolutionary in the referral marketing space.

This is based on one global network line, meaning the image you see is the way the entire user base is laid out. For every new user that qualifies for the Fomo Linear plan, the company places them left and then right, and so on. This means, the company as a whole builds this for each and every new user.

Fomoex Referral Plan Overview
Here are some important things to know about the Fomoex referral plan:

It is required to own a mining pack in order to get commissions from any part of the Fomoex io compensation plan
The stable coin FUSD is used to as the payment currency for commissions
There’s a commission booster, which means that commissions speed up the rate towards your max mining production
The Fomoex platform is based on the Shanghai time zone